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Craig Morgan-‘This Ole Boy’

Photo Credit: http://www.amazon.com

  Release Date:  February 28, 2012 While many artists in today’s ever-changing musical preference attempt to divulge into an array of varying genres and musical disciplines, there are a few throwback countrymen who know where they came from, know where their heart is, and write and play songs that portray them as they are:  real people. Craig Morgan’s sixth studio ... Read More »

Dierks Bentley-‘Home’

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Release Date-February 7, 2012 Dierks Bentley broke new ground with the release of his ‘Up On The Ridge’ album in 2010.  It’s not often that an artist, at the height of his/her stardom, releases a disc that is the polar opposite of everything that is popular in his/her genre.  That’s exactly what Bentley did, though, and his efforts were met ... Read More »

Sherrie Austin-‘Circus Girl’

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Release Date:  November 15, 2011 Over the years, there have been artists who have glimpses of stardom and appear to be well on their way to the music elite, but then, in an instant, they’re gone.  For the casual country music fan, that has been the case with Sherrie Austin.  After releasing five albums, the first of which coming in ... Read More »

Joe Nichols-‘It’s All Good’

Photo Credit:  http://www.joenichols.com

Release Date:  11/8/11 There’s just something about Joe Nichols you have to like.  Whether it’s a crooning anthem or a party tune throwback, he has that intangible likability factor that permeates through his music to his listeners on nearly every track.  Thus has led to three number one singles, including “Brokenheartsville,” “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” and “Gimmie That ... Read More »

Martina McBride-‘Eleven’

Photo Credit:  http://www.martinamcbride.com

Release Date: October 11, 2011 Martina McBride has sold millions of albums due to her overwhelming and beautifully powerful vocals, heartfelt messages, and down-to-earn demeanor.  For years, listeners have been in awe of her voice and been brought to tears by the messages of songs like “Independence Day,” “A Broken Wing,” “Love’s The Only House,” and “When God-Fearing Women Get ... Read More »

Montgomery Gentry-‘Rebels On The Run’

Photo Credit:  http://www.montgomerygentry.com

Release Date: 10/18/11 One of the reasons many people love country music is because it’s about real life.  These are real people singing real songs about real life and real problems.  For Montgomery Gentry, life took shots at the famed duo for the better part of the past year.  Their latest effort, ‘Rebels On The Run,’ is a reflection of ... Read More »