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Matt Gary Interview

Photo Credit:  http://www.kicks105.com

MCE’s sister site, SteelTownRock, sat down with country crooner Matt Gary.  He speaks about how he first became interested in the genre, where he gets his inspiration for songwriting, and where he sees himself in the future, both professionally and personally.   Read More »

Shakin Bake Interview

Photo Credit:  http://www.wwki.com

New country quartet Shakin Bake first exploded onto the music scene in 2008, and since then, they’ve been songwriting and touring relentlessly.  There’s nothing like a young motivated group of talented musicians working hard to achieve their dream.  SteelTownRock, MCE’s sister site, sat down with the guys to discuss where their music career has been, where it is now, and ... Read More »

Susan Hickman Interview

Photo Credit:  http://www.myspace.com

Country sweetheart Susan Hickman has that perfect combination of looks and talent.  She has the performance-gene and smooth vocals that stand out in the music industry.  MCE’s partner, SteelTownRock, had the opportunity to sit down with Hickman during a very busy CMA Music Festival week.   Read More »

The Grascals Interview

Photo Credit:  http://www.bluegrasstoday.com

Country music is one of the more diverse genres in the industry in that it invites other music disciplines and incorporates the sounds of other genres.  One of the downsides of this is that the more traditional divisions of the country music are often overlooked, most of which being bluegrass.  One of the more accomplished bluegrass acts, The Grascals, spoke ... Read More »

Uncle Kracker Interview

Photo Credit:  http://www.countrymusicrocks.net

There have been a number of artists from other genres and disciplines that have had significant success in country music.  Perhaps no one has had more surprising and uprising success, though, than Uncle Kracker.  His musical collaborations with the likes of Kenny Chesney, among others, as well as his own released material has put him on the map as a ... Read More »

Veronica Ballestrini Interview

Photo Credit:  http://www.countrymusicislove.com

This girl has superstar written all over her.  Veronica Ballestrini’s looks, charm, and talent make her a name to watch in the country music world.  She’s not just a pretty face though, a writer of her own songs, and she performs with the charisma and confidence of a seasoned veteran.  SteelTownRock, MCE’s partner site, spoke with Veronica about her music, ... Read More »