Six Market Blvd. Representing Heart And Soul Of Country Music In Texas

Six Market Blvd. Representing Heart And Soul Of Country Music In Texas

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There’s country music, and then there’s country music in Texas.  For decades, the lone star state has been notorious for its own brand of the genre, and amidst the continuing mainstream influences from other areas of music over the years, Texas country has become one of the most rapidly growing subgenres today.

The popularity of country music is undeniably at an all time high, with its biggest national stars blending traditional sounds with pop and rock themes, collaborating with music superstars and walking among the world’s biggest celebrities at award shows.

But in Texas, they like their country a little different.  Their traditional, “non-mainstream” sounds of twang, steel-peddle driven melodies support rebellious and carefree lyrical content.  Country artists in Texas love their music, love their fans, and define the true meaning of hard work, perseverance, and appreciation. 

Six Market Blvd., straight out of Stephenville, Texas, fits the mold of a traditional Texas country band with the release of their new album, ‘Shake It Down.’  The record, which became available on May 22, is the group’s second full-length release, following up their 2010 effort, ‘Running On Seven.’

[box type=”shadow” ] “It was all about continuing what we had success with on the first record and incorporating that into this one, with some new things as well,” lead vocalist Clayton Landau spoke of the band’s second album.  “We’re trying to grow every time we write a song, or play a song live, and we’ve done that with this record.” [/box]

Landau met the other members of the group (Josh Serrato, Ben Hussey, and Dallas Neal) at Tarleton State University in 2008.  Less than two years later, the band released ‘Running On Seven,’ which earned them a pair of Top 25 singles, “Man Alive” and “Misery And Me,” on the prestigious Texas Music Chart.  While the early success brought excitement and appreciation to the band, it also induced pressure when it came time to release their follow up album this past May.

[box type=”shadow” ] “Oh yeah, we definitely felt the heat,” Landau admits.  “As awesome as it was to have the success we did with our first record, we definitely felt that we had some expectations to live up to.” [/box]

With one listen to ‘Shake It Down,’ the listener will realize how much this band has grown even since they met just four years ago.  The musical collaborations, the harmonization of the music and vocals, the passion and meaning behind the delivery all speak towards years of artistic maturity.  The collection is also utterly diverse, touching on a variety of subjects that will relate to fans in all facets of life and love. 

Led by the disc’s first single, “Say It,” the 13 track collection offers an array of musical dynamics, most evident on standout tracks like “Mailbox,” “Santa Fe Train,” and “Getting Older.”  Having been produced by the members of the group themselves, along with personal friend and established producer Bart Rose, the record truly represents who they are, where they came from, and where they’re going.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this record, though, is that it perfectly compliments the strength of each member of the band, from Landau’s vocals to Serrato’s guitar and piano work, from Hussey’s steadfast bass lines to Neal’s dependable beats.  There’s no denying the fact: ‘Shake It Down’ is 100% Six Market Blvd.

[box type=”shadow” ] “It’s just who we are as a band,” Clayton said on the band’s music.  “We don’t try to do anything special.  We just make the kind of music that we love and that reflects our roots, our families, our friends, and each other.  It’s been a great ride so far.” [/box]

Six Market Blvd. is on the road throughout the summer hitting venues across Texas.  For more information on the band, including latest news and tour dates, visit their official website. 

Follow them on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook.

Listen to their single “Say It” right here!


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