Michael Christopher – ‘My Kinda Summer’

Michael Christopher – ‘My Kinda Summer’

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With the summer season entering its final weeks, everyone is trying to hang on to those final few moments of sunshine, parties, and beaches.  What better way to enjoy the hot days of August than with a summer anthem?

Michael Christopher, born and raised in western Pennsylvania, as always loved the summer and the beach.  Looking up to artists like Zac Brown and Kenny Chesney, he shares their passion for the outdoors and the ocean, and expresses that through his music.

His brand new song, “My Kinda Summer,” is a fresh tune about what we all love about the warm weather and time spent on the water.

“This has quickly become my new favorite song,” Michael says.  “Recently, I wrote this song with my guitar player, Zach Reeder.  One day I was talking about summertime to someone and said ‘that’s my kinda summer’ when describing what I like about it.  Then the idea hit me.  We were able to quickly pen this one from vivid thoughts.  It has an awesome vibe and has really gotten a great response at our shows.”

Check out “My Kinda Summer” from Michael Christopher below:

For the latest news and updates on Michael Christopher, as well as to purchase his album, ‘You and the Open Road,’ visit his official website.

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