MCE Interview – Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves

MCE Interview – Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves

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New country trio Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves recently sat down with Music City Encore days before their debut single, “Cowboy,” was released to radio.  The group spoke with us about their musical upbringing, their relationship and collaboration with The Kentucky HeadHunters, as well as where they see country music as it stands today.

Thanks to Angel Mary, Christian, and Antoine for taking the time to speak with us.  Enjoy the interview everyone.

[box type=”shadow” ] Music City Encore:  Your debut single, “Cowboy,” is now available on iTunes.  Give us some background behind this song and why it was chosen as your single. [/box]

Christian Wolf:  “It’s the catalyst of our music.”

Angel Mary:  “We love the old westerns like “The Good The Bad and The Ugly” and “Cowboy” is my girl version of “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” by Big & Rich.”

Antoine Wolf:  “It has that Clint Eastwood feel about it!”

[box type=”shadow” ] MCE:  In addition to “Cowboy,” “Waiting On You” is another song fans may be have heard before.  What message did you want to get across to fans about what your music is all about? [/box]

CW:  “For me it’s about kicking ass, doing it our way!”

AM:  “”Waiting On You” was written by Doug Phelps; it’s a duet about a one sided relationship.”

[box type=”shadow” ] MCE:  The single will be released to radio on June 26.  What are you guys feeling right now leading up to the release date of the song? [/box]

AW:  “Not nervous, just ready and excited!”

CW:  “We’re eager for the fans to hear it and to come out and see us July 21st at The Plaza Theatre in Glasgow KY at 7:00pm.  About the nervous or excited thing…we’ll just have a beer!”

AM:  “I really feel that country fans will find our music refreshing; it’s about getting down into southern roots.”

AW:  “I believe we dug down deep and struck something great!  The best part is that we are doing it together as a team!”

AM:  “Are we nervous…we’re trusting in God.”

CW:  “June 26th you need to set your clocks to Werewolf time, with our single “Cowboy.”

[box type=”shadow” ] MCE:  According to your biography, you are bringing the sexy back in country.  Could you elaborate on that a bit for us? [/box]

AM:  “Will you just look at it.  LOL!”

CW:  “Sexy isn’t only a Hollywood thing.  Nashville is hot!  We think home grown is hot.”

[box type=”shadow” ] MCE:  Your sound is full of traditional roots and sounds, bluegrass influenced, etc.  Right now, there are a lot of other influences from rock and pop genres in country music.  Where do you see country music being right now, and where do you guys fit in? [/box]

CW:  “The fences are down, if it’s good – it’s GOOD!  Country music is finally getting out of the box.”

AW:  “And that’s why it’s one of the only growing genres of music today.”

[box type=”shadow” ] MCE:  Tell us about the experience working with Doug Phelps. [/box]

AM:  “It’s been really cool to be able to do a duet with Doug, a Grammy Award winning artist.  I don’t know how many people can say that.  I respect him and it was an honor.  He was a lot of fun to work with.  If you see this Doug…thanks!”

[box type=”shadow” ] MCE:  You guys are on tour with The Kentucky HeadHunters, and you’ve done work with them in the studio and on collaborations as well.  Talk about this relationship with the HeadHunters and how your music and their music reflect this collaboration. [/box]

CW:  “It’s a mutual respect; they are innovators of their time.  The fact that they had that much success and are pushing us forward and helping us is awesome!  And we are looking forward to touring with them in the future.”

[box type=”shadow” ] MCE:  What’s on the horizon for you guys the rest of this summer? [/box]

AW:  “We will be filming our first video, “Cowboy”; we have the treatment done and it’s going to be epic!”

[box type=”shadow” ] MCE:  As you guys are putting out your first collections of music and you’re hitting the road playing for fans…What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far? [/box]

AW:  “That country fans are the nicest, most loyal and dedicated fans in the world.  They are real down to earth people.”

CW:  “It’s about trusting yourself to take the next step.  We are living life one moment at a time and enjoying it.  Step on it; enjoy it and not trying to figure what the next step will be.”

AW:  “Enjoy each mile of the ride.  It’s a blessing to be on this road at all.”

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