Joey + Rory, Chris Cagle To Release Long-Awaited New Albums This Summer

Joey + Rory, Chris Cagle To Release Long-Awaited New Albums This Summer

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It seems as though more album releases are being announced every day by some of the biggest stars in country music.  Kenny Chesney and Josh Turner have records on the brink of release, while stacks of others are just weeks (or months) away from hitting shelves.  But two artists, who announced last week that their work in the studio is done and they have new music ready for us, are creating some of the biggest buzz in the genre:  Joey + Rory and Chris Cagle.

Rory Lee and Joey Martin Feek’s lives have been virtually nonstop ever since finishing third place on the CMT competition “Can You Duet” in 2008.  Since then, they have toured relentlessly, been nominated for and have won numerous awards, and have released two full length albums, one Christmas album, and now…they’re ready to share new music with the world.

The husband and wife duo will release ‘His and Hers’ on July 31, to a rousing audience that has been dying for new music from them since their last full-length record in September 2010.  As is the case with the talented artists in the industry today, Joey + Rory are not only continuing their musical chemistry as a duo, but are also introducing themselves as individual singer/songwriters as well.  The pair has split the lead vocal duties, which, as Joey points out, is the way it is at their live performances as well:

[box type=”shadow” ] “In all of our live shows, he’s always done half the singing and I do half.  So we just felt like that was the right direction to go with this album – let it really be more of what we are together, and fill it full of great songs.” [/box]

For those who may not remember, prior to official forming as a duo, Rory was a songwriter in Nashville, penning such hits as Clay Walker’s “The Chain Of Love” and Blake Shelton’s “Some Beach.”  And while he continues to work as a songwriter now, his primary focus is on Joey + Rory.

From the sounds of it, the new album should be incredibly diverse, adding extremes from all sides of the country music sound.  Rumored top tracks from the disc include “Josephine,” “When I’m Gone,” and “Someday When I Grow Up.”

Joey + Rory released their debut album, ‘The Life of a Song,’ in October 2008, which included the Top 40 hit “Cheater, Cheater.”  2010’s ‘Album Number Two’ featured the singles “This Song’s For You” and “That’s Important to Me,” which was followed by their first Christmas record, ‘A Farmhouse Christmas,’ in October 2011.

“Headache,” which was released in August 2011, is the first single off ‘His & Hers.’ 

While Joey + Rory fans have had to wait two years for new music, Chris Cagle fans have put in twice as much time.  After all the Texas singer-songwriter hasn’t released an album since 2008’s ‘My Life’s Been a Country Song.’  All that will change on June 26, when Cagle’s brand new record, ‘Back in the Saddle,’ will hit shelves.

The disc features 11 tracks, including five Cagle originals.  His song from last summer, “Got My Country On,” is featured on the album, along with his upcoming single, “Let There Be Cowgirls.”

[box type=”shadow” ] “The experience I’ve had making this record has rekindled the passion I had for music when I recorded my first record,” Cagle said. [/box]

That first album he’s referring to is ‘Play It Loud,’ which included the hit singles “I Breathe In, I Breathe Out,” “Laredo,” and “My Love Goes On and On.”  Three albums over the next six years spawned more popular tunes including “What a Beautiful Day,” “Chicks Dig It,” and “What Kinda Gone,” before Cagle left Capitol Records Nashville.

Now, after signing with Bigger Picture Music Group last year, Chris is back with brand new music, and, from his own words, it’s his most honest material since the beginning.

[box type=”shadow” ] “’Back in the Saddle’ is MY life!  I wouldn’t change anything about it; it is a record that I can live or die by and be content.  I have given fans my heart and soul.  If it’s not good enough, I can live with it.  If it is good enough, well then, I can’t wait to see what happens!” [/box]

For more information on Joey + Rory or Chris Cagle, visit their official websites at and respectively.


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