Introducing…Alina Smith

Introducing…Alina Smith

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Welcome to the inaugural edition of our brand new “Introducing…” section here on Music City Encore.  This is a new segment on our site, dedicated to introducing the country music world to some of the brightest new artists in the genre today.

This week, we are featuring singer/songwriter/producer Alina Smith.  For the latest news and updates on Alina, log on to her official website.

One of the many reasons that people embrace country music is its ability to be the voice of people’s lives.  The music industry is comprised of singers, songwriters, and musicians from all walks of life and from all over the world, and perhaps no genre is a better illustration of this than country music.  With the state of music currently in flux in regards to genre boundaries bending and blending together, artists and musicians from across the globe are finding niches and alleys in one of the most difficult industries in which to find success.

On the surface, Alina Smith may look like another singer on a stage with a promising future, but her travels and experiences from early childhood make her story a truly fascinating one in Music City.  In sharp contrast to many of the men and women playing in the bars and clubs on Broadway alongside her, Alina was born in a small village outside of St. Petersburg, Russia.  While many of her fellow singer/songwriters were singing in churches and talent shows here in the United States, Alina was singing and dancing in the woods next to her parents’ house, using a stick as a microphone, performing for the crickets and frogs. 

And contrary to what most might believe, despite her upbringing and her perceived limited exposure to American music, Ms. Smith developed a liking for country music at an early age.

[box type=”shadow” ] “My favorites were Hank Williams and Dolly Parton, although I also really loved Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway,” Alina recalls. [/box]

Music became a huge part of her life, and soon she was supporting her family with her performances and endeavors, joining an internationally-known singing group called Aurora.  As a member of the group, she developed strong ties and relationships with those in the American culture, and after a relative of her mother’s invited Alina to pursue her music career in the U.S., she was off to Las Vegas to chase the American dream.

[box type=”shadow” ] “My mom put a Bible under my pillow the night before I left, to bless my journey.  She knew I’d have better opportunities in America.” [/box]

Alina spent time in Las Vegas, New York City, and Los Angeles, developing into a gifted lyricist and songwriter, while also performing hundreds of shows and writing with local talent constantly.  Now a resident of Music City, she continues to hone her songwriting skills with some of the most talented musicians and lyricists in the area. 

Alina is playing shows in and around Nashville; she’s released an EP, and continues to turn heads everywhere she goes.  She has garnered millions of views and thousands of followers via her music success online, and continues to release a new single and music video every month. 

Certainly, this has been quite the journey from singing into a stick in the woods in Russia to performing at the Bluebird Café in the heart of the country music capital of the world.  And the best part is…Alina Smith is just getting started.

Be sure to stay tuned to Music City Encore the rest of the week for more information and features on Alina Smith, including performance videos, reviews of her music, and more.  Be sure to visit her official website for the latest news and updates in the meantime.


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