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It’s once again time for our reactions to the latest news in country music!  Carrie Underwood unveils her new video, Scotty McCreery already has plans for Christmas, and Darius Rucker is thinking about a Hootie reunion.

Today is Tuesday, July 31, and this is the latest edition of MCE Weekly.


 Carrie Underwood Releases New Video

It’s official!  As of yesterday, Carrie Underwood has released her brand new music video for her current single, “Blown Away.”  It has been reported for days about the intensity of the video, which would coincide perfectly with the mood of the song, and the full-length video certainly lives up to the anticipation.

Carrie released her fourth album, ‘Blown Away,’ on May 1, and after the renowned success of the lead single, “Good Girl,” she released the title track as the record’s second single.  It is well on its way to being a huge hit on the country music charts, and the video will certainly help.  Click here for the full length video.

ABC Presents “Malibu Country”

Reba McEntire is returning to television!  We revealed months ago that Reba has been filming a brand new show called “Malibu Country,” and that ABC has picked up the series for the first season.  But now, as revealed last week on media outlets across the country, we have a date and time for the premiere!

“Malibu Country” will debut on November 2 at 8:30pm following “Last Man Standing” starring Tim Allen.  The night before, ABC will be broadcasting the Country Music Association Awards live. 

For those who haven’t heard about the premise, the show follows a country singer, played by Reba herself (go figure), who moves to Malibu to get away from her rock star husband. 

Be sure to set your DVR’s for the debut of “Malibu Country!”

Scotty McCreery Working On Christmas Album

We know about the whole Christmas in July thing, but it’s still awfully early to be talking Christmas-themed albums.  Nevertheless, it was leaked last week that Scotty McCreery is working on a Christmas album.  No real news has been revealed, other than from a few sources (who weren’t supposed to share) and Scotty himself.

[box type=”shadow” ] “Well its 90 some degrees outside, but its Christmas in July here in the studio….” [/box]

So will the record consist of Christmas classics or freshly penned tunes?  Who knows, but we’ll keep you in the loop as soon as we hear more.

Toby Keith Turns Down “American Idol”

Look, we all know about the revolving door that has become the judging panel on “American Idol.”  What used to be a staple of three consistent judges year after year has turned into a celebrity musical chairs.  Nevertheless, the show must go, or so says AI’s contract with FOX, so the search continues to find one more person to join Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey. 

Rumors have been swirling for awhile about the possibility of a country artist to join the panel, as it really is the only genre which hasn’t been represented on the show.  Certainly, country music has done very well on the show from a contestant’s standpoint, as some of the star’s biggest successes have been in the country music genre, including Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery, Lauren Alaina, and Skylar Laine. 

Apparently, Toby Keith was contacted and turned down the opportunity late last week, stating that given his recording and touring schedule, he wouldn’t have the adequate time to devote to the show.  Next on the show’s list is reportedly Brad Paisley, who is meeting with producers and representatives about the opportunity.  We think Paisley definitely has the personality to be a judge on the show, although we selfishly would want him to continue to focus on the music and touring we love so much!  We’ll let you know of any confirmed details involving the show’s final judge and Paisley (or any other country artist).

Darius Rucker & Hootie To Reunite?

Here at MCE, we can’t wait for Darius Rucker’s third studio album coming up later this year.  But while the country music world is anxiously anticipating a new solo record, Rucker has shared his thoughts on the possibility of new music from he and the rest of the members of Hootie & the Blowfish. 

[box type=”shadow” ] “There’s one more Hootie record and tour that we’re going to do.  I don’t know when, because country music is my day job – it’s what I want to do,” Darius told Billboard magazine.  “We’ll probably always be a band.  We’ve got two shows in August, we do about four or five dates a year.  We’ll do another album and tour for a year, then I’ll be right back to this music.” [/box]

A Hootie & the Blowfish reunion tour would be unbelievable.  Undoubtedly, it would include the band’s greatest hits along with some of Rucker’s solo numbers.

But while you may have to wait for new music from Hootie, join us in the anticipation of Darius’s new solo album, due later this year.

Be sure to check back here for recaps and reactions to the latest news in country music.


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