Beth Cayhall – Living The Dream At Home & On The Stage

Beth Cayhall – Living The Dream At Home & On The Stage

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In the world of country music, family and music seem to go hand in hand.  After all, the genre is about values, morals, and relationships, most of which originally stem from people’s upbringing and their surrounding family and friends.  More often than not, country music artists are born and raised in the genre, and their music reflects that background through its morally driven, down-to-earth nature.  Beth Cayhall, who has a single, video, and debut album out on the country music market, is another impeccable example of a small-town girl with big-time talent, well on her way to being a household name.

Beth Cayhall grew up in the small-coast town of Ocean View, Delaware, where she was acclimated into a close-knit family, placing high value on community, family, and friends.  But while her friends and family would have been supportive no matter which career path she chose, Beth insists that, given her upbringing, there was no chance of her being anything else but a singer.

[box type=”shadow” ] “I grew up surrounded by talent and a lot of music,” she shared.  “Music has always been a fundamental stone in my life and amongst my family.” [/box]

Her paternal grandfather was in a country band, her parents were in the church choir, and her father and brothers play in a local band.  And since her first solo performance (at age four) of “Dear Mr. Jesus,” Beth has been infatuated with singing and music.   

Equally as impressive as her talent is her musical creativity and drive, all of which have been vividly represented on her current album, ‘Worth Fighting For.’  For each artist, the debut album is the one and only time in his/her career to make a first impression, so the musical direction and song selection are of utmost importance.

[box type=”shadow” ] “There are so many different elements to my sound and live show that I wanted to showcase with this album,” Beth explained.  “I write a lot with my live show in mind.  I definitely wanted to include a lot of fun up-tempos that showcase the fun pop/rock side of me, but also the power ballads that showcase the more soulful and intimate side of me.” [/box]

All but two of the songs on ‘Worth Fighting For’ were penned or co-penned by Beth herself, so the songwriting process was one of the most significant proponents to the album-making process.  Her first introduction to the country music masses is “Boys Eat Your Hearts Out,” a song about a girls’ night out on the town.  She wanted an up-tempo first single, one that showed her fun side, and, according to Beth, the songwriting process was just as fun as the finished product.  While the track itself was a shout-out to fun-loving ladies everywhere, Beth actually wrote the song with to talented male songwriters, Dave Robbins (Blackhawk) and Lonnie Wilson (Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, etc.).

[box type=”shadow” ] “This was actually one of my favorite and most memorable songwriting sessions!  We had a lot of fun, and it was comical to hear a male’s point of view on the subject matter,” Beth shared with a laugh.  “I think the guys had just as much fun with it as I did!  I’m sure they both can relate to the male perspective of the song from back in their early single days!” [/box]

In addition to the tremendous response from radio, she’s gearing up to release a brand new music video for the song as well.  The video features Beth cruising around the country in a ’64 turquoise Mustang convertible getting chased by guys in a pick-up truck, as well as a live show portion filmed during one of her performances in Nashville.  As was the case with the video-filming, Beth had a blast making the entire ‘Worth Fighting For’ record.

The album creation enabled Beth to work with one of the more renowned producers in country music, Kent Wells.  And while he guided the record’s direction in such a way that only Kent Wells can, it was Beth’s project and the result is 100% a reflection of who she is as a person and as an artist.  Unlike any other genre, country music has already embraced this vivacious songwriter’s talent and honesty in the ways that are truly unique to Music City.  She is in the current issue of CMA Closeup as the “Debut Spotlight” artist, and the Country Music Association named her one of the artists to watch in 2012. 

Through her music, Beth has found a balance between the small-town girl and the on-stage headliner, the down-to-earth kid in the church pew and the country music star.  And while this sense of stability between person and artist, between reality and her dreams, will continue to play a role in who she becomes, she knows where her priorities lie.

[box type=”shadow” ] “Family is important, first and foremost.  I have always said that singing is what I DO, but Beth is who I AM.  My life is so much more than “Beth Cayhall, the artist.”  I am so thankful for the opportunity and ability to sing, and I love doing it and sharing those gifts and meeting news fans.  I don’t ever want to take either position for granted.” [/box]

Take her advice, don’t take anything for granted…including Beth’s debut album, ‘Worth Fighting For.’ 

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